The Grand

718 N Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ  85004

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The Grand is reminiscent of an old Victorian train station when times were slower and there was polite social interaction in the flesh…..a time long gone.The station was always open….a place to start, a place to end up, or…. in the grand dame of train stations, Grand Central, a place for those going nowhere, except to meet local friends for a drink or food.There was always entertainment as the buskers were busy plying their trade under the vast dome.There were also people who lived in the station…..but we won’t talk about those.


       The Grand Central Coffee Company, and the Grand Ballroom is our answer to the present day dystopia created by the internet (subsequently producing less live social interaction ), and a fast paced world fragmented by small grab and go establishments.  It is a Coffeehouse in the grandest Old World sense……  so nip in if you must, but feel free to relax, reflect on your day, and soak up the vibe.

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